Rucking for Women

A women in the military rucking while wearing a rucking with an external frame.
Photo Credit: crazyad0boy

Women have been rucking for a long time, yet when you do a quick search for “rucking for women”, there is little to no content that discusses why women ruck, the potential benefits of rucking for women, or even encourage it.

We’re here to change that. While rucking is a sport very common among men, especially those in the military, it is still very popular among women.

Benefits of Rucking For Women

Women ruck for a lot of different reasons. Here’s a summarized list of why women choose to ruck.

1. Health Benefits

Rucking is a Low Intensity Interval Training (LISS) workout. In plain english, LISS workouts a type of cardiovascular exercise where you do an aerobic workout at a low-to-moderate intensity (meaning your heart rate is between 40% – 70% of your maximum heart rate) for an extended period of time.

LISS workouts are known to be packed with a lot of health benefits fro women which include and not limited to (source):

Speaking of health benefits of rucking for women, a study in 2001 published by the Medicine & Science in Sports and Exercise found that sedentary women with high blood pressure reduced their blood pressure and body mass by walking 9,700 steps per day at their own pace for 24 weeks (source).

2. Cheap & Accessible

If you’re a beginner, you really just need a regular backpack and a pair of running shoes, and you’ll be good to go. Women choose to ruck because its a fun activity that you can start at anytime and anywhere, making it a truly unique and a very accessible sport.

Even as you progress in the sport and get more into it. You can buy your rucking gear on a budget.

Should you decide to up your rucking game down the line, we’ve outlined the best rucking boots, socks, and backpacks for you to check out.

3. Great Way To Meet People

man and women rucking - Rucking For Women
Photo Credit: C.C. Chapman

The more you participate in local events, the more chances you’ll have of meeting people. A lot of rucks end with food and drinks which is a great way to meet people in your community!

4. Rucking Prepares You For The Military

Georgia Army National Guardsmen and women in a ruck march - Rucking For women
Photo Credit: Georgia National Guard

Rucking is a core pillar in military training. Soldiers can carry up to 100 lbs and more sometimes. While we covered the army ruck march standards that you’ll have to keep in mind before joining the military, its quite known that military training is tough.

Soldiers are expected to ruck for 12 miles in 3 hours. With that said, women choose to ruck prior to joining the military to prepare for the real military training ahead of them.

Here’s a list of best exercises for rucking to help you get started and here’s a guide on how to ruck march faster if that’s your goal.

Where Can Women Ruck?

There are lots of rucking events that hosts both men and women. Goruck has a full list of rucking events that you can check out here and filter down to your state/city.

How Can Women Start Rucking?

First things first, if you’re a total beginner, it’s best for you to educate yourself on what you may need to ruck.

For example, if you’re looking to track your performance (which we highly encourage) you may need to look into the best apps for rucking and see which one is best for you.

Most importantly, it’s highly recommended that women follow a beginners rucking workout plan. This is truly important as many people forget to pace themselves and immediately jump into the heavy weights and often injure themselves as they attempt to ruck for crazy long distances carrying such heavy weights.

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