Rucking Research: Investigating the Growing Popularity of Rucking

In the realm of fitness and adventure sports, a unique phenomenon has been gaining momentum, captivating enthusiasts from all walks of life. It’s called rucking, and its rise in popularity has been nothing short of remarkable. From its humble origins as a military training technique to a mainstream fitness trend, rucking has transcended boundaries and captured the imaginations of fitness enthusiasts worldwide.

In this investigative piece, I delve deep into the data, analyzing key statistics that shed light on the surging interest in rucking. From global search trends to social media mentions and even endorsements by renowned sport brands like Nike, the evidence is clear: rucking is on the rise, and its impact is resonating far beyond the fitness sphere.

1. Global Searches for “Rucking'” on Google Have Increased by 50% in April of 2023 compared to April 2022

Bar Chart showcasing the rising interest in global searches for "rucking" on Google

Insights on Global Searches for ‘Rucking’: 2016 – 2023:

Consistent Interest: From July 2016 to June 2017, there was a relatively steady level of interest in rucking, with around 6,624 searches per month. This indicates a baseline level of curiosity and engagement with the sport.

Initial Increase: Starting from January 2017, there was a noticeable uptick in searches, reaching a peak of 12,100 in February and March 2017. This surge in interest could be attributed to various factors such as increased media coverage or the adoption of rucking by fitness enthusiasts and influencers.

Fluctuations and Plateaus: Following the peak in early 2017, the number of searches for rucking exhibited fluctuations and plateaus, ranging from 8,091 to 12,100 searches per month. This suggests that while there was sustained interest, the growth trajectory was not consistently upward during this period.

Renewed Growth: From November 2020 onwards, there was a noticeable resurgence in interest, with a significant increase in searches. The numbers rose to 33,100 searches in April 2021, indicating a substantial spike in curiosity and engagement with rucking during this period.

Continued Momentum: Following the renewed growth, interest in rucking remained elevated, with search volumes ranging from 18,100 to 33,100 per month. This sustained level of interest suggests that rucking has solidified its presence as a popular fitness activity, maintaining a dedicated and engaged community.

2. Searches for “Rucking” on Google in the US Increased by 22% in April 2023 vs April 2022

Insights on US Based Searches for ‘Rucking’: 2019 – 2023:

Steady Interest: From April 2019 to January 2020, the number of searches for rucking in the US remained relatively consistent, ranging from 6,600 to 9,900 searches per month. This indicates a consistent level of interest and curiosity about the sport during that period.

Growth Spurts: Starting from February 2020, there were notable spikes in search volume, reaching a peak of 12,100 searches per month. These increases in interest could be attributed to various factors such as media coverage, fitness challenges, or influencer endorsements that brought rucking into the spotlight.

Sustained Growth: Following the growth spurts, interest in rucking continued to rise, with search volumes consistently exceeding 9,900 searches per month. This sustained growth suggests that rucking has gained traction as a popular fitness activity in the United States, with a dedicated and engaged community.

Significant Surge: From September 2022 onwards, there was a significant surge in interest, with search volumes reaching 18,100 searches per month. This substantial increase indicates a heightened curiosity and engagement with rucking during this period.

Seasonal Patterns: There seems to be a seasonal pattern in the search volume for rucking, with higher numbers observed during the spring and summer months. This could be attributed to the favorable weather conditions and people’s inclination towards outdoor activities during these seasons.

These findings suggest a growing and sustained interest in rucking as a fitness activity in the United States. The spikes in search volume, along with the consistent interest and seasonal patterns, highlight the sport’s appeal and potential for further growth in the future.

3. #Rucking Reached 15.4 Million Views on TikTok, Surpassing #MillitaryWorkout

This surge in social media engagement underscores the growing interest in rucking as a fitness activity. The substantial number of posts and the resulting views indicate a passionate and active community that is eager to share their rucking experiences and showcase the challenges and rewards of the sport on TikTok.

Of significant importance is the comparison between #rucking and the hashtag #militaryworkout on TikTok. Notably, videos featuring #rucking amassed a staggering 154.4 million views, surpassing the views garnered by videos tagged with #militaryworkout, which stood at 12.5 million views. This stark difference in viewership further highlights the increasing popularity and engagement surrounding rucking, outperforming other fitness trends on the TikTok platform.

4. More than 118K Posts include #Rucking on Instagram

In my investigative piece delving into the rise in popularity of rucking, I came across the number of Rucking mentions on Instagram which vividly portrays the significant presence of the sport on Instagram. The screenshot above reveals a staggering number of posts, surpassing 118,000, all tagged with the hashtag #rucking.

This abundance of Instagram posts centered around #rucking serves as powerful evidence of the growing interest in this fitness activity. It showcases a vibrant and engaged community of individuals eager to share their experiences, achievements, and insights related to rucking.

5. More Popular Sport Brands Recognize & Promote Rucking

Nike introduces readers to Rucking

The recent publication of an article by Nike, one of the prominent leaders in the sports industry, dedicated solely to rucking, marks a significant milestone for the sport.

This inclusion of a renowned and influential brand like Nike is a remarkable triumph for rucking and provides valuable insight into the surge of search interest surrounding the sport.

6. Mainstream News Publications Continue to Introduce People to Rucking

Toronto Star introduces readers to Rucking

The ongoing trend of mainstream news publications embracing rucking continues to introduce a wider audience to the sport. Various news websites worldwide are actively featuring articles that delve into the world of rucking. A notable example is the Toronto Star, which recently published an article shedding light on the rising popularity of rucking among Canadians. The piece introduced readers to the concept of rucking and highlighted its benefits in terms of fitness improvement, strength building, and endurance enhancement. This widespread coverage in news publications serves as a testament to the growing recognition and appeal of rucking as a fitness activity.