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Let me share my adventure with rucking that’s been going on for seven years. It all started when I found this super fun GORUCK event online. Carrying a heavy backpack, doing fun challenges, and walking for miles. I thought it sounded awesome, so I quickly signed up for my first event—and I got hooked right away!

Fast forward to today, and I’ve done all sorts of rucking challenges, from short 5-mile walks to big 21.2-mile ones, all with a heavy backpack. It felt like winning a game with every step, pushing me to become a super experienced rucker. And guess what? I’ve been doing solo rucks around my neighborhood for seven years, and it’s made me super fit and strong.

All that excitement led me to create ruckformiles.com—it’s like a treasure chest of rucking tips for everyone, whether you’re just starting or already love rucking. There’s a bunch of cool tips for training, suggestions for gear, and a calendar of events so you won’t miss out on any rucking fun.

My journey isn’t just about rucking; I also mix it up with different exercises. And you know what? It totally worked! I got in great shape, and if you want all the details, check out my full body transformation.

My Rucking Body Transformation
My 8 month body transformation that came as a result of rucking, accessory workouts, and proper dieting.

It’s not just about rucking; it’s like having a cool and healthy lifestyle. It taught me a lot and that’s why I created this site, I want to share all my experience, knowledge, and wisdom I have.

So, if you’re a beginner curious about rucking or a pro looking for more excitement, ruckformiles.com is the place for you. I’m so excited to share the fun of this cool sport and guide you on your own rucking journey. Let’s put on that backpack, go that extra mile together, and make your adventure awesome!

Adam rucking during his trip in Vancouver, Canada
Adam rucking during his trip in Vancouver, Canada

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