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Rucking events are a great way to keep the motivation going and meet new people in your community! Whether you’re looking for a new challenge, or are rucking to pay respect for our soldiers, check out our comprehensive list of rucking events to find the closest one near you.

Rucking events are different, while a lot of them are hosted by GoRuck, the things you’ll do may vary. Some rucks is strictly focused on getting from point A to point B, while others include other activities in your ruck. Learn more about each event.

Learn more about the rucking events in 2021:

Rucking Events in October 2021

Rucking Events in November 2021

Rucking Events in December 2021

How Long Are GoRuck & Rucking Events

GoRuck events can range from 3 hours to more than 24 hours. This all depends on the type of rucking event or challenge you choose to participate in. Here’s a quick breakdown of how long you can expect to ruck for in GoRuck events:

GoRuck Challenge Event

Challenge TypeApproximate Duration
Light4 Hours
Tough10 – 12 Hours
Heavy24+ Hours

GoRuck Star Course Event

Challenge TypeApproximate Duration
5 km1 Hour
10 km2 Hours
15 km3 Hours

How Many People In GoRuck Event?

Each class is about 30 people. However, with the current climate and the ongoing pandemic, GoRuck and other organization are practicing social distancing and other measures to ensure safety which may change the typical amount of people in a class.

Recommended Gear for Most Ruck Events

We’ve outlined a complete list of Rucking gear to help you get through solo and ruck events, but here’s a quick breakdown:

If you’re joining a ruck event as a form of training for ruck marching in the military, check out the ruck march packing list to get an idea of what is typically packed in a military ruck march.

Rucking Events in October 2021

Event NameDateLocationTimeEvent Information
GORUCK Tough Challenge01/10/2021Des Moines, IA9:00PMGORUCK
GORUCK Tough Challenge01/10/2021Detroit, MI9:00PMGORUCK
GORUCK Tough Challenge01/10/2021Hartford, CT9:00PMGORUCK
GORUCK Tough Challenge01/10/2021Houston, TX9:00PMGORUCK
GORUCK Tough Challenge01/10/2021Raleigh, NC9:00PMGORUCK
GORUCK Tough Challenge01/10/2021San Diego, CA9:00PMGORUCK
GORUCK Tough Challenge01/10/2021Annapolis, MD9:00PMGORUCK
GORUCK Tough Challenge01/10/2021Athens, GA9:00PMGORUCK
GORUCK Basic Challenge01/10/2021Boise, ID9:00PMGORUCK
GORUCK Double Tough01/10/2021Cincinnati, OH11:00PMGORUCK
GORUCK Star Course – 12 Miler02/10/2021Jacksonville Beach, FL12:00AMGORUCK
GORUCK Cloverleaf02/10/2021Jacksonville Beach, FL7:00AMGORUCK
GORUCK Basic Challenge02/10/2021Jacksonville Beach, FL12:00AMGORUCK
GORUCK Basic Challenge02/10/2021Des Moines, IA2:00PMGORUCK
GORUCK Basic Challenge02/10/2021Detroit, MI2:00PMGORUCK
GORUCK Basic Challenge02/10/2021Hartford, CT2:00PMGORUCK
GORUCK Basic Challenge02/10/2021Houston, TX2:00PMGORUCK
GORUCK Basic Challenge02/10/2021Raleigh, NC2:00PMGORUCK
GORUCK Basic Challenge02/10/2021San Diego, CA2:00PMGORUCK
GORUCK Basic Challenge02/10/2021Annapolis, MD2:00PMGORUCK
GORUCK Basic Challenge02/10/2021Athens, GA2:00PMGORUCK
GORUCK Basic Challenge02/10/2021Boise, ID2:00PMGORUCK
GORUCK Star Course – 15K03/10/2021Annapolis, MD9:00AMGORUCK
GORUCK Star Course – 15K03/10/2021Athens, GA9:00AMGORUCK
GORUCK Star Course – 15K03/10/2021Boise, ID9:00AMGORUCK
GORUCK Star Course – 15K03/10/2021Des Moines, IA9:00AMGORUCK
GORUCK Star Course – 15K03/10/2021Detroit, MI9:00AMGORUCK
GORUCK Star Course – 15K03/10/2021Hartford, CT9:00AMGORUCK
GORUCK Star Course – 15K03/10/2021Houston, TX9:00AMGORUCK
GORUCK Star Course – 15K03/10/2021Raleigh, NC9:00AMGORUCK
GORUCK Star Course – 15K03/10/2021San Diego, CA9:00AMGORUCK
GORUCK Star Course – 10K03/10/2021Annapolis, MD9:30AMGORUCK
GORUCK Star Course – 10K03/10/2021Athens, GA9:30AMGORUCK
GORUCK Star Course – 10K03/10/2021Boise, ID9:30AMGORUCK
GORUCK Star Course – 10K03/10/2021Des Moines, IA9:30AMGORUCK
GORUCK Star Course – 10K03/10/2021Detroit, MI9:30AMGORUCK
GORUCK Star Course – 10K03/10/2021Hartford, CT9:30AMGORUCK
GORUCK Star Course – 10K03/10/2021Houston, TX9:30AMGORUCK
GORUCK Star Course – 10K03/10/2021Raleigh, NC9:30AMGORUCK
GORUCK Star Course – 10K03/10/2021San Diego, CA9:30AMGORUCK
GORUCK Star Course – 5K03/10/2021San Diego, CA10:00AMGORUCK
GORUCK Star Course – 5K03/10/2021Boise, ID10:00AMGORUCK
GORUCK Star Course – 5K03/10/2021Houston, TX10:00AMGORUCK
GORUCK Star Course – 5K03/10/2021Des Moines, IA10:00AMGORUCK
GORUCK Star Course – 5K03/10/2021Detroit, MI10:00AMGORUCK
GORUCK Star Course – 5K03/10/2021Hartford, CT10:00AMGORUCK
GORUCK Star Course – 5K03/10/2021Raleigh, NC10:00AMGORUCK
GORUCK Star Course – 5K03/10/2021Annapolis, MD10:00AMGORUCK
GORUCK Star Course – 5K03/10/2021Athens, GA10:00AMGORUCK
GORUCK Star Course – 50 Miler15/10/2021Dallas, TX9:00PMGORUCK
GORUCK Star Course – 26.2 Miler16/10/2021Dallas, TX6:00AMGORUCK
GORUCK Star Course – 12 Miler16/10/2021Dallas, TX12:00PMGORUCK
GORUCK Star Course – 50 Miler22/10/2021Philadelphia, PA9:00PMGORUCK
GORUCK Tough Challenge22/10/2021Nashville, TN9:00PMGORUCK
GORUCK Star Course – 26.2 Miler23/10/2021Philadelphia, PA6:00AMGORUCK
GORUCK Star Course – 12 Miler23/10/2021Philadelphia, PA12:00AMGORUCK
GORUCK Basic Challenge23/10/2021Nashville, TN1:00PMGORUCK

Rucking Events in November 2021

Event NameDateLocationTimeEvent Details
StarCourse-50Miler11/05/2021Jacksonville Beach, FL21:00GORUCK
Heavy Challenge11/05/2021San Clemente, CA18:00GORUCK 
Star Course – 50 Miler11/05/2021Jacksonville Beach, FL21:00GORUCK
StarCourse-26.2Miler11/06/2021Jacksonville Beach, FL6:00GORUCK
StarCourse-12Miler11/06/2021Jacksonville Beach, FL12:00GORUCK
StarCourse-12Miler11/06/2021Nashville, TN12:00GORUCK
Tough Challenge11/06/2021San Clemente, CA22:00GORUCK 
Star Course – 26.2 Miler11/06/2021Jacksonville Beach, FL6:00GORUCK
Star Course – 26.2 Miler11/06/2021Nashville, TN6:00GORUCK
Star Course – 12 Miler11/06/2021Jacksonville Beach, FL12:00GORUCK
Star Course – 12 Miler11/06/2021Nashville, TN12:00GORUCK
Basic Challenge11/07/2021San Clemente, CA14:00GORUCK
Tough Challenge11/12/2021Ann Arbor, MI21:00GORUCK 
Tough Challenge11/12/2021Charleston, SC21:00GORUCK 
Tough Challenge11/12/2021New Orleans, LA21:00GORUCK 
Tough Challenge11/12/2021New York, NY21:00GORUCK 
Tough Challenge11/12/2021Phoenix, AZ21:00GORUCK 
Tough Challenge11/12/2021Santa Cruz, CA21:00GORUCK 
Tough Challenge11/12/2021Washington, DC21:00GORUCK 
Basic Challenge11/13/2021Ann Arbor, MI14:00GORUCK
Basic Challenge11/13/2021Charleston, SC14:00GORUCK
Basic Challenge11/13/2021New Orleans, LA14:00GORUCK
Basic Challenge11/13/2021New York, NY14:00GORUCK
Basic Challenge11/13/2021Phoenix, AZ14:00GORUCK
Basic Challenge11/13/2021Santa Cruz, CA14:00GORUCK
Basic Challenge11/13/2021Washington, DC14:00GORUCK
StarCourse-15K11/14/2021Ann Arbor, MI9:00GORUCK
StarCourse-15K11/14/2021NewOrleans, LA9:00GORUCK
StarCourse-15K11/14/2021Phoenix, AZ9:00GORUCK
StarCourse-15K11/14/2021SantaCruz, CA9:00GORUCK
StarCourse-10K11/14/2021AnnArbor, MI9:30GORUCK
StarCourse-10K11/14/2021Charleston, SC9:30GORUCK
StarCourse-10K11/14/2021NewOrleans, LA9:30GORUCK
StarCourse-10K11/14/2021Phoenix, AZ9:30GORUCK
StarCourse-10K11/14/2021SantaCruz, CA9:30GORUCK
StarCourse-5K11/14/2021AnnArbor, MI10:00GORUCK
StarCourse-5K11/14/2021Charleston, SC10:00GORUCK
StarCourse-5K11/14/2021NewOrleans, LA10:00GORUCK
StarCourse-5K11/14/2021Phoenix, AZ10:00GORUCK
StarCourse-5K11/14/2021SantaCruz, CA10:00GORUCK
Star Course – 15K11/14/2021Ann Arbor, MI9:00GORUCK
Star Course – 15K11/14/2021Charleston, SC9:00GORUCK
Star Course – 15K11/14/2021New Orleans,LA9:00GORUCK
Star Course – 15K11/14/2021Phoenix, AZ9:00GORUCK
Star Course – 15K11/14/2021Santa Cruz, CA9:00GORUCK
Star Course – 10K11/14/2021Ann Arbor, MI9:30GORUCK
Star Course – 10K11/14/2021Charleston, SC9:30GORUCK
Star Course – 10K11/14/2021New Orleans, LA9:30GORUCK
Star Course – 10K11/14/2021Phoenix, AZ9:30GORUCK
Star Course – 10K11/14/2021SantaCruz, CA9:30GORUCK
Star Course – 5K11/14/2021Ann Arbor, MI10:00GORUCK
Star Course – 5K11/14/2021Charleston, SC10:00GORUCK
Star Course – 5K11/14/2021NewOrleans, LA10:00GORUCK
Star Course – 5K11/14/2021Phoenix, AZ10:00GORUCK
Star Course – 5K11/14/2021Santa Cruz, CA10:00GORUCK
Tough Challenge11/19/2021Greenville, SC21:00GORUCK 
Tough Challenge11/20/2021Des Moines, IA8:00GORUCK 
Basic Challenge11/20/2021Greenville, SC14:00GORUCK

Rucking Events in December 2021

Event NameDateLocationTimeEvent Details
Tough Challenge12/03/2021Honolulu, HI21:00GORUCK 
Tough Challenge12/03/2021Mobile, AL21:00GORUCK 
Basic Challenge12/04/2021Honolulu, HI14:00GORUCK
Basic Challenge12/04/2021Mobile, AL14:00GORUCK
Basic Challenge12/11/2021Sandy Hook, CT8:00GORUCK
Tough Challenge12/17/2021Arlington, VA21:00GORUCK 
Tough Challenge12/17/2021Charlotte, NC21:00GORUCK 
Tough Challenge12/17/2021Columbus, OH21:00GORUCK 
Tough Challenge12/17/2021Philadelphia, PA21:00GORUCK 
Tough Challenge12/17/2021San Francisco, CA21:00GORUCK 
Tough Challenge12/17/2021Seattle, WA21:00GORUCK 
Basic Challenge12/18/2021Arlington, VA14:00GORUCK
Basic Challenge12/18/2021Charlotte, NC14:00GORUCK
Basic Challenge12/18/2021Columbus, OH14:00GORUCK
Basic Challenge12/18/2021Philadelphia, PA14:00GORUCK
Basic Challenge12/18/2021San Francisco, CA14:00GORUCK
Basic Challenge12/18/2021Seattle, WA14:00GORUCK
Star Course – 15K12/19/2021Arlington, VA9:00GORUCK
Star Course – 15K12/19/2021Charlotte, NC9:00GORUCK
Star Course – 15K12/19/2021Columbus, OH9:00GORUCK
Star Course – 15K12/19/2021Seattle, WA9:00GORUCK
Star Course – 10K12/19/2021Arlington, VA9:30GORUCK
Star Course – 10K12/19/2021Charlotte, NC9:30GORUCK
Star Course – 10K12/19/2021Columbus, OH9:30GORUCK
Star Course – 10K12/19/2021Seattle, WA9:30GORUCK
Star Course – 5K12/19/2021Arlington, VA10:00GORUCK
Star Course – 5K12/19/2021Charlotte, NC10:00GORUCK
Star Course – 5K12/19/2021Columbus, OH10:00GORUCK
Star Course – 5K12/19/2021Seattle, WA10:00GORUCK

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