Rocky S2V Predator Review

Rocky S2V Predator Boots


Fiberglass Shank


S2V Technology


Roll-Stop Ankle Support




Water and Flame Resistant


The Rocky S2V predator is an excellent quality boot with everyday comfort even in harsh conditions.

This boot is usually worn with an Operational Camouflage Pattern of different types. 

It also comes in unisex sizes, with the regular size for men, and the women’s sizes two figures below the men’s sizes.

Table of Contents:

1. Fiberglass Shank
2. S2V Sieve Technology
3. Roll-Stop Ankle Stability
4. Comfort
5. Water and Flame Resistant

Fiberglass Shank

The presence of shanks is very crucial to the functionality and performance of a boot. They also diminish the load carried by the wearer’s feet.

Rocky S2V Predator comes equipped with a fiberglass shank that supports your foot’s arch and gives the boot its superb structure and support. The fiberglass shank also gives you that extra stability and traction for quick maneuvers and fast-paced movement.

If you’re looking for a military boot that exceeds your comfort and performance needs, get the Rocky S2V Predator Military Boot.

S2V Sieve Technology

With the Rocky S2V Predator, wet conditions cannot slow you down. Its inner drainage ports push water out of the boots for swift movement in moist areas.

Also, with its advanced S2V sieve technology, the drainage vents around the boot circulate air in and push water out, allowing your feet to always stay dry, comfortable, and cool even in testing conditions.

The S2V sieve technology gives you excellent drainage ability as it facilitates water dispersal and breathability at higher rates and volumes more than other conventional tactical boots.

Roll-Stop Ankle Stability

The durable Rocky S2V Predator boot stays together through activities that incite wear and tear. It provides a quality rounded edge outsole, giving foundation stability and reducing ankle injuries with Roll-Stop Ankle Stability.


Rocky Air-Port cushion footbed provides that much-needed comfort and freedom for the Rocky S2V Predator boots.

This tactical boot comes with a Vibram® sole with high walls and a polyurethane midsole that gives good comfort and provides air to your feet on each step. The sturdiness of this boot is such that it doesn’t get uncomfortable to wear.

The footwear comes equipped with amazing inside features like the Dri-Lex® lining that removes moisture and the Rocky® Air-Port™ footbed, which cushions your foot and has perforations for improved airflow. With improved airflow, your feet will remain dry and comfortable at all times when in the boot.

These unique features work in tandem to make the Rocky S2V Predator boot a very comfortable tactical boot.

Water and Flame Resistant

The Rocky boot is produced with flash-resistant materials and super fabrics to protect your feet from rope burns and quick heat flashes.

It also comes with water-resistant leather and 1,000-denier CORDURA® nylon for protection. The Rocky S2V Predator boots also come with Vibram wrap-around outsoles for extra protection.

It is also flame resistant which is achieved by PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) coating around all surfaces. This coating also gives it a very low friction coefficient, with good chemical and abrasion resistance.

The Rocky S2V Predator boots come with numerous great features that make them perfect for your rucking needs. The only area of improvement that we found was that there is not much emphasis on slip resistance.

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