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When it comes to rucking backpack brands, Direct Action is a premier option. You’re having a hard time choosing between Direct Action’s Ghost backpack or the Dragon Egg. Both are tactical packs with generous capacity limits, but how are they different?

The Direct Action Ghost can hold six more liters than the Dragon Egg. The Ghost is also intended for longer rucking or camping trips, three consecutive days versus two.

If you want to learn even more about the differences between the Direct Action Ghost and the Dragon Egg, you’ve come to the right place. Ahead, we’ll compare them in areas such as storage, comfort, design, and dimensions, so keep reading!

Differences in Storage and Comfort

When it comes to the rucking backpack with the greater storage capacity, as we said in the intro, that’s the Direct Action Ghost. The Ghost has a capacity limit of 31 liters compared to the Dragon Egg’s 25 liters.

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Is a difference of six liters that much? According to the manufacturer, yes. After all, the Dragon Egg is rated for two days of consecutive travel whereas the Ghost is designed to hold three days’ worth of your gear.

The Ghost features a front pocket complete with internal organizers and a velcro front ID attached to that pocket. The main compartment has its own internal pocket as well as a side pocket for carrying a Nalgene or U.S. standard canteen. You can even use a hydration bladder.

The waistbelt is detachable and has a padded computer sleeve as well as laser-cut MOLLE/PALS on the sides and front (Learn more the difference between MOLLE and ALICE backpacks). The Ghost also features an organizer pocket (also detachable) that can hold approximately 5.07 pounds or 3.5 liters. The organizer pocket features Duraflex hardware and YKK zippers.

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The Dragon Egg has a similar front compartment, but the side pockets look different. Like the Ghost, the Dragon Egg’s side pockets are elasticized, and they feature water-resistant fabric. Even if you spill your drink or it develops a layer of condensation, your bag won’t be soaked.

The padded sleeve is in the back compartment of the Dragon Egg and can hold only 3.57 pounds.

As for the comfort level of each bag, the differences between the bag are a lot less clear here. We’ll talk about this more later, but both the Ghost and the Dragon Egg are made of the same materials and feature many similar adjustments.

The Dragon Egg has fluffier padding than the Ghost. Also lending the Dragon Egg perhaps more comfortable features is that it’s smaller and thus would be easier to carry when full.

Differences in Design

The design changes between the Ghost and the Dragon Egg are much more apparent. Starting from top to bottom, the Dragon Egg features a braided carrying handle whereas the Ghost’s carrying handle is smooth fabric.

The two front compartments of the Dragon Egg are nearly as tall as the rest of this backpack, giving it an almost bloated appearance when the bag is completely full. The Ghost’s front compartment is half the size of its main compartment so the bag has a tiered look.

That front compartment of the Ghost is detachable, so it has cording running through it on the sides. The Dragon Egg’s front compartments are non-removable. 

The Ghost also has a hidden main zipper, as a flap of fabric covers the zipper. That’s not so with the Dragon Egg, as all zippers are exposed (except for internal zippers).

Differences in Dimensions

Since the Ghost is a larger rucking backpack than the Dragon Egg, you can expect it to outsize the Dragon Egg elsewhere.

According to Direct Action, the main compartment of the Ghost is 12 inches by 20.4 inches by seven inches. For the Dragon Egg, its main compartment is 10.6 inches by 19 inches by seven inches.

Similarities Between the Direct Action Ghost and the Dragon Egg

For as different as they are, the Ghost and Dragon Egg share a common thread, and no, it’s not solely the manufacturer. Here are some similarities between the two.


Whether the Dragon Egg or the Ghost is more appealing to you, both rucking packs are built to last using pure Cordura fabric with a 500-denier count. The Cordura fabric is treated with a water-resistant coating.

Granted, water resistance is not the same as waterproofing. When the coating eventually wears away, neither bag will slough off water anymore. That’s something to keep in mind.

When it comes to durable fabrics though, few choices are better than Cordura. It’s no wonder Direct Action chose the material for both these rucking bags!


Design-wise, the two bags aren’t identical, because that would be boring. That said, you can’t deny the Ghost and Dragon Egg share a very similar style.

The bags feature the new and improved Direct Action logo on the front. The backpacks also have side buckles and clips as well as a 15-inch shoulder drop for each. The side pockets are elasticized and redesigned for both bags too.

Combat Vent System

Direct Action’s patented Combat Vent System is a feature between both the Dragon Egg and the Ghost.

The Combat Vent System allows warm air to exit the bag so sweat doesn’t get trapped between your shirt and your backpack, leading to chafing and other uncomfortable skin issues.

Padded Sleeve Compartment Size

Here’s one more similarity between the Ghost and the Dragon Egg that’s admittedly a small one. The backpacks feature identical sizes for the padded sleeve compartment. That’s interesting though considering the Ghost is the bigger bag. You’d think it would have an ever-so-slightly larger sleeve compartment as well.

Final Thoughts

Direct Action’s Ghost and Dragon Egg backpacks are both ideal for ruckers. There are enough differences between these heavy-duty, Cordura backpacks that you might like one better than another. Yet the bags also have enough in common that if you want reliability, great storage capacity, and durability, you can’t go wrong either way!

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