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Slip Resistant




If performance and durability while rucking are your goals, you should check out Danner Tachyon 8 Gore-Tex. These boots are designed for fast mobility, comfort and will keep you going no matter the odds.


The Tachyon 8 Gore-Tex is built with 100% full-grain leather. This is the one of the most robust and resilient leather available. The closely knitted grains make it almost impossible for water to penetrate its outer layer.

Regardless of whether you’re rucking in a muddy landscape or splashing through a riverine area, the Danner Tachyon 8 Gore is built to be impervious to water.

This makes your boots an invaluable asset on long missions where rucking happens every day, keeping your feet in absolute comfort. You will also be safe from rot, mildew, and other fungal spores that breed in damp conditions.

The waterproof nature of the Tachyon 8 also makes it retain the original feel and texture of the leather, thus extending use-life.

Waterproof boots help you ruck in any weather climate, whether you’re rucking in the rain or during sunshine, the Danner Tachyon 8 Gore-Tex is a safe choice.


The inside liner of the Tachyon 8 is made of a breathable fabric. 

Thus, this affords you the advantage of flexibility in various weather conditions. If you’re rucking in the hot sweltering heat, the material of the Tachyon 8 is light enough to allow easy ventilation.

Therefore, any sweat or moisture build-up due to vigorous exercise can be gradually evaporated, leaving your feet dry and fresh.

On the other hand, in cold weather conditions, you can leverage on the speed lace fastening system to strap on your boot as firmly as possible. There is also a brass hardware component on the boots for a secure fit, allowing you to trap in much-needed warmth.

Keeping your feet dry is key to avoiding ruck march blisters.


Durability is one of the high points of Tachyon 8. Its complete grain leather material comes with a 500 Denier nylon that gives it a light-weight but sturdy structure.

500 Denier offers a formidable resistance to abrasion or wear and tear. Hence, its designation as a military-grade gear material. This tough fabric guarantees your boots won’t fall apart under stress or get ripped if you bump into a stump.

The boots also come with a 100% rubber outsole designed to cushion sudden movements while protecting your heels from puncture wounds and other rucking injuries.

Slip Resistant

The Danner Tachyon 8 features a Pentagonal lug pattern that allows for maximum surface contact. This provides solid grip and traction, enabling you to move through the most challenging terrain as fast as possible.

Unlike other boots in its weight category with composite rubber, the Tachyon 8 outsole is built with a proper rubber outsole. This ensures you can retain your balance and stability even if the ground is wet and slippery.


Gore-Tex is composed of a stretched polymer called polytetrafluoroethylene (source). This fabric is popularly known in the clothing industry for its breathability and water protection capabilities.

Its light-weight and comfortable feel will allow you to experience the spring of athletic footwear coupled with the strength and durability of a military boot.

If you find the these boots do not meet your needs or are missing a specific quality that you’re looking for, check out our full review of the Garmont T8 Extreme GTX and the Garmont t8 Bifida Military Boots.

Final Thoughts

To summarize our review, the Danner Tachyon 8 Gore Tex is a great choice for everyday rucking and other outdoor activities that require flexibility and durability.

People working in occupations that require a lot of movement and standing on their feet such as police officers and other similar personnel may find these boots to be the right choice for them.

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