Propper Series 100 Review

Propper Series 100


Oil and Slip Resistance


AR 670-1 Compliant




Free Fit Inserts




The Propper series comes designed with AR 670-1 and a host of other great features that guarantee its efficiency for rucking and other activities. Some of these great features are;

Table of Contents:

1. Oil and Slip Resistance
2. AR 670-1 Compliant
3. Breathability
4. Free Fit Inserts
5. Durability

Oil and Slip Resistance

You can be guaranteed good traction of slip and oil resistance with the Propper Series 100. It keeps your steps firmly placed on slippery surfaces. Be it rucking in a swampy area or typical terrain; these boots provide swift mobility without any stress.

AR 670-1 Compliant

The Propper Series 100 was intricately designed with AR 670-1 specifics. Now you might wonder, what is AR 670-1?

It is a designated military compliant code for regulations about uniform and dressing patterns. Hence this means that all pieces of clothing being worn by military personnel, be it caps, socks, boots, or khakis, must abide by the AR 670-1 code.

In the army, all external boots worn are allowed only based on the AR 670-1 code. That implies all the soldiers’ external boots must be designed according to AR 670-1 specifics.

The unique specifications for AR 670-1 boot include;

  • The boots must be between 8 to 10 inches in length.
  • Only rubber and Polyether polyurethane outsoles are to be used for the production
  • It must have a plain toe and matching sole.

The Propper Series 100 is designed with AR 670-1 specifics and is undoubtedly a good fit for military personnel. Having a military-grade boot provides you with confidence when rucking around in it.

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Breathability is always an essential feature of good boot wear, and the Propper Series 100 boot comes equipped with this function. The Propper Series 100 boots easily permits breathability and reduces gathering moisture around the feet, ensuring comfort during strenuous activities.

An anti-microbial lining facilitates breathability and stops the spread of bacteria, which gives the boots a foul odor. Thus they improve the freshness and lifespan of your boot.

Breathability is one of the main reason why soldiers wear boots, learn more about why soldiers wear boots.

Free Fit Inserts

The Propper Series 100 are designed with free open cell foam inserts that are easily washable, breathable, and designed to the shape and fit of your foot for maximum arch support and even weight distribution.

This enhances your overall rucking experience or other activities while also simultaneously providing a great deal of comfort in turn.

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With its polishable full-grain leather and 1,000D nylon upper fabric, the Propper Series 100 boots are very durable. They are coated and also produced with speed lace hardware along with a 550 paracord lacing.

Their arches are fast-rope designed to reduce wear or abrasions caused by ropes and other surfaces. The speed lace mechanism enables you to get your shoes on and off quickly and with ease.

This fabric provides it with a more sturdy and durable texture on the boots. Thus giving it a designed trait of withstanding heavy operations or continuous rucking in any terrain.

If you are military personnel or just a fellow interested in great boots for rucking, the Propper Series 100 is an excellent fit for your needs. Its brilliant design, durability, oil and slip resistance, and efficient breathability surely make them a wise choice.

The only area of improvement we could point out about these boots is that they’re not the most lightweight boots out there, while people rucking in winter may prefer that, the everyday rucker may find this a little of an inconvenience.

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