FILBE Rucksack Review

Military FILBE Rucksack Army Tactical Backpack FILBE System


Storage Capacity


Accessories & Features







  • External frame
  • Large storage capacity
  • Pouches and Accessories
  • Water Repellant
  • Hip Belt included


  • Not AR 670-1 Compliant

The Filbe assault pick is made by AKmax, a company focused on outdoor equipments military functional wear, and their brand has been in the game since 2005.

When you’re looking to buy your rucksack, some key things to look for are:

  1. What are you using this rucksack for?
  2. What size are you looking for?
  3. Do you care about waterproofing?
  4. Do you care about having accessories?

Use and Size

This is a military focused rucksack. While it is not ar 670 1 approved, it can still be used for training. Other than the camouflage style design, its storage capacity is designed for a potential soldier in the military. The main pack alone has a storage capacity of 5,000 cubic inches.

That’s on the larger side of the spectrum of rucksack sizes. This is a great rucksack to be used for military training and has other uses outside of the military. Meaning you can use this for other occasions like camping. Here’s a quick rucksack size guide to put things in perspective for you.

Rucksack SizeUseCubic Inches
SmallSimilar to everyday backpacks. Can be used for a day hike. Not typically used for long rucks.2,500 and under
MediumThese certainly can be use for rucking, but are not the largest in the market. Could be used for a day or two long ruck.2,501 – 3,999
LargeThese are big and are typically required for military use, or a few days long ruck.4,000+

Still unsure about the size? check out our recent post, is a 65 litre backpack big enough.

Filbe Rucksack Specs Explained

Instead of bombarding you with a generic list of features, let’s talk about the main features that make this rucksack stand out, especially for a military rucksack.

External Frame

The filbe rucksack includes an army MOLLE external frame that is already attached for you. This is necessary for a military rucksack. Why you ask?

  • Provides Proper Weight Distribution: Rucksacks with External frames allow you to transfer the weight load to your hips (works perfectly when paired with a hip belt, which this rucksack does include). This puts less pressure on your shoulders and allows you to use your legs to move the weight.
  • Breathability: External frame allows for some space between your back and the back of the rucksack. The longer you ruck, the more important breathability becomes. Internal frame rucksacks are attached to your back which leaves little to no room for your back to breathe which is very uncomfortable.
  • Organization: External Frame rucksacks allows you to attach pouches and more items which is extremely beneficial in the military as you will be packing a lot of gear.

Hip Belt

We’ve talked about the importance of hip belts numerous times on Ruck For Miles, and the reason to that is that hip belts really help aid in endurance. The purpose of a hip belt is to attach the rucksack closer to you and help redistribute the weight of the rucksack. This is a huge advantage in the military as the weight load is heavy and the rucking distance is not short.

Hydration Carrier & Bladder

Hydration bladders are vital in military rucksacks. The reason being is that when you’re carrying such a heavy rucksack and marching for so long, hydration is key to keep on going.

Not only that, but you really dont want to have to keep on placing your rucksack down to pull out a water bottle and then having to put it back and putting the rucksack back on. It wastes your time and putting the rucksack on and take it off again and again is very inconvenient and this is where the hydration bladder kicks in. It allows you to keep on going while still having access to hydration.

Water repellant

Since this filbe rucksack is made from 1,000D nylon material, making this rucksack abrasion resistant and water repellent. Why should you care about having a water repellant rucksack?

Simply put, you never know when its going to rain (depending on where you live of course) but if you’re in the middle of your ruck, you don’t want to be hiding under some tree waiting for the rain to calm down in fear of damaging your belongings in the rucksack. Having a water repellant rucksack helps keep your mind at ease.

Other Accessories

Other than the features mentioned above, this rucksack includes:

  • 2 Sustainment pouches
  • Hydration Pack (to place your hydration bladder in)
  • 1 Assault pack

With all that said, remember, if you’re looking for a Government Issue, U.S Military Issue, Army Issue, Made in U.S, or the USMC Government Contract Military Assault Pack with NSN Number. This is not the right rucksack for you.

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