Carrion 80 Litre Rucksack Review

Carrion 80 litre rucksack review












The Carrion 80 litre rucksack is geared towards avid hikers. So, why are we talking about it? Well, it has a lot of similar qualities that make up for a great rucksack. One thing to keep in mind is that while it is great for hikers, it still does work for rucking. Everyone has their own priority qualities when it comes to choosing the right rucksack and that’s what we’re here to focus on.

The Carrion 80L rucksack has a lot of different features that truly makes it stand out. Here’s what stood out the most to us:

  1. Padded Airmesh back & Shoulder Straps
  2. Adjustable Ladderlock Back
  3. Hip Belt
  4. Hydration Bladder Compartment
  5. Capacity – 80 Litre
  6. Rain Cover

Padded Airmesh Back

Carrion 80 litre rucksack padded airmesh back
Photo Credit to Mountain Warehouse

This is an important feature to consider when choosing the right rucksack. If you’re wearing a rucksack, you’re going to be wearing it for hours. It’s tough enough to be carrying around all that weight, let alone carrying all that weight with no padding to ease the pain on your back and shoulders. The padded shoulder back and shoulder straps will reduce the rubbing between you and the rucksack.

Adjustable Ladderlock Back

This is a very considerate feature from Warehouse. The adjustable ladderlock back basically means that you can raise and lower the back plate of the rucksack, so that it actually fits you!

This is key when wearing a rucksack as it ensures that you’re able to maintain proper posture. Maintaining proper posture throughout your hike or ruck helps you go for much longer and prevents potential back pain.

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Hip Belt

Carrion 80 litre rucksack hip belt
Photo Credit to Mountain Warehouse

The carrion 80L comes with a pre-curved hip belt. A generous addition and a much needed one. The purpose of the hip belt is to:

  1. Ensure Proper Posture – Hip belts help to keep the back of the rucksack closer to your body.
  2. Distribute Weight Properly – It helps to distribute the weight evenly across your back and allows you to use your leg and mack muscles to carry the weight. This relieves your shoulder from having to do all the work.

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Hydration Bladder Compartment

Carrion 80 litre rucksack hydration bladder compartment
Photo Credit to Mountain Warehouse

This feature speaks for itself, but hydration is key when you’re out there hiking or rucking. We’re sure you’d agree that carrying a water bottle or having to pull it out of the rucksack is a pain and can hold you back.

The Carrion rucksack comes with a hydration bladder compartment along with a slot on the side of the rucksack for easy access. Cool addition.


It’s an 80L rucksack, so storage in this rucksack is definitely in the higher end. This rucksack is tailored towards hikers looking to stay outdoors for more than just a few hours. This is another example of a feature you should take into account before making the final decision.

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Rain Cover

Carrion 80 litre rucksack rain cover
Photo Credit to Mountain Warehouse

The Carrion 80L rucksack comes with an easily accessible rain cover that covers the rucksack from head to bottom. While we constantly preach for waterproof rucksacks, this is still a cool alternative to waterproofing the material of the rucksack exterior. Here’s a full review by Mountain Warehouse Themselves!

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