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When it comes to delivering optimal foot experience while rucking, the Belleville c790 is a high-flyer built for the harshest weather and most demanding terrains. 

Rugged, tough, and comfortable, this shoe makes rucking enjoyable.

Table of Contents:

1. Comfort
2. 100% Cattlehide Leather
3. Breathability
4. Waterproof
5. AR 670-1 Compliant


Comfort is a crucial feature in determining whether or not to go for a rucking boot. The Belleville c790, therefore, comes with a highly cushioned shock absorbent midsole that gives excellent comfort to the feet. This midsole makes sure that every step taken in the boots gives proper cushioning to the foot. The incredible shock-absorbing potential of these midsoles protects the foot from harmful and unexpected steps.

An activity such as jumping can be dangerous, particularly when executed from a high point. This mid-sole type helps minimize potential injuries in such escapades. This feature does not, however, give the license to be intentionally careless during rucking.

It is also easy to break in into this shoe, making it easy to adapt to movement in them and also enhancing comfort.

100% Cattlehide Leather and Nylon Fabric

The upper part of the Belleville c790 features two powerful fabric types; cattle hide leather and ballistic nylon fabric. The cattle hide leather bring in a chain of beautiful properties to the boots. With this, the shoe can withstand compression, bending, and stretching.

Also, natural elements such as dust and dirt cannot stand a chance against the fabric. The leather was properly processed to provide these features being soft and light, adding comfort and movement ease.

The second upper material is made up of a ballistic nylon fabric. This ultra-modern innovation is a thick, tough nylon fabric that comes with a lot of fantastic features. This nylon fabric is flame-retardant and highly durable.

For the sake of controversies, it is essential to note that the leathers used in making these shoe types are solely gotten from hides of animals that have been killed for eating and not purely for shoemaking.


Rucking in challenging climates and harsh weather can present a lot of disadvantages. Having a breathable shoe can be a relief to many of these disadvantages especially during the summer. Breathability ensures adequate air circulation in and out of the boots.

The Belleville c790 comes with GORE-TEX fabric. This fabric reinforces both breathability and waterproofing. The GORE-TEX fabric is made up of 9 billion pores per square inch. These pores are about 20000 times smaller than water molecules but 700 times larger than water-vapor molecules.

In simpler terms, the GORE-TEX membrane allows maximum wicking and ventilation while resisting water penetration.

With the Belleville c790, the foot is aerated correctly, preventing a sweaty, soggy, and smelly foot.

Breathability is one of the main reason why soldiers wear boots, learn more about why soldiers wear boots.


As mentioned earlier, the Belleville c790 features an innovatively engineered waterproof system.

Rucking in wet terrains comes with many downsides, such as reduced movement versatility and exposure to harmful microbes. The GORE-TEX fabric membrane ensures the boots are tightly sealed against the tiniest form of water penetration. This adds comfort, versatility, and effectiveness to rucking.

AR670-1 Compliant

In the army, how you get your shoes is nobody’s business. However, whether they meet the laid down requirements or not is given attention.

Several rules (made into compliant policy codes) guide uniform elements to be worn by militants. One of such numerous army-compliant codes that are responsible for how military is the AR670-1 compliant code.

This code carefully presents a list of follow-through guides about the general uniform mode of militants. The Belleville c790 designers made sure they “fulfilled all righteousness” in this aspect by featuring:

  • A height of 8-10 inches
  • A plain toe sole
  • A matching sole and body color.

Learn more about AR 670-1 regulations and check out a full list of other AR670-1 boots.

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