Altama Jungle Boots Review

Altama Black Jungle Vulcanized Boot











  • Vulcanized
  • 100% Leather
  • In-Step Drainage Vents
  • Steel Shank
  • Durable


  • Some people find the insole too flat
Altama Black Jungle Vulcanized Boot Review

The Altama Jungle Boots are truly made for the jungle, desert, and all other rough terrains. The brand is heavily focused on making military boots, we covered this extensively when we reviewed the Altama Foxhound Boots.

So what are the features that make it perfect for the jungle? Here’s our classic pros and cons list to help you break down the right features and help you determine if these boots are right for you.

VulcanizedSome people find the insole too flat, here are some alternative boot insoles.
Made From 100% Leather
In-Step Drainage Vents
Steel Shank
8 Inches Tall

Altama Jungle Boots Durability

So you might have seen the first listed on the pros list above and not know what on earth it is and why it matters. Well, vulcanized boots is a unique feature that really helps make these boots durable.

Vulcanized boots are boots that are assembled by heating the rubber outsole in order to attach it to the heat-resistant upper part of the boot before the rubber is completely meshed together. The first heating session takes place prior to the full assembly of the boot, the second round of heating takes place after the boot has been assembled (source).

So now that you know how vulcanized boots are made, why should you care about it? well there are some benefits that come with producing boots in that dramatic process. The benefits of vulcanized boots, which includes the Altama Jungle Boots are (source):

  • Easy to break into
  • less expensive option for how durable these boots are
  • Returns to its original position after stress is put on it
  • Great for shock absorption

Given how durable these boots are, they will last for years!

Steel Shank

These boots have a steel shank at the bottom of the boots, this makes it perfect for military folks or people who find themselves in very tough terrains since the steel shank protects your feet should you step on spikes or other really sharp objects.

Height & Other Features

These boots are 8 inches tall, which is great for wet terrains. Furthermore, a cool feature that really makes the Altama jungle boots stand out is that it has in-step drainage vents.

The purpose of the drainage vents is to drain the water that may have sneaked its way into your boots (which is hard to imagine since there 8 inches tall). This is important because not only is it ucomfortable to walk in boots that are wet insides, the lack of the drainage vents and having wet feet while walking for long distances make you more prone to blisters.

Find out how to avoid ruck march blisters.

Ventilation is key when choosing the right boots, and the Altama Jungle boots are well designed to keep your feet dry and cool.

Final Thoughts

So with all the discussed features, who are these boots really for? Based on the build of it, its great for:

  • Military troops (although its unclear if its a670-1 compliant, so you may have to check with your unit commander if these are acceptable)
  • Police officers
  • Ruckers (people who carry a heavy backpack as a form of a workout, learn more about rucking)
  • Experienced hikers

and anyone else looking for tough boots!

Learn more about AR670-1 regulations and check out other AR670-1 boots.

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