5.11 Rush 12 vs. 24 vs. 72

You need a quality tactical bag that can stand up to your everyday rucking. Few bags can beat the 5.11 Tactical Rush series, which comes in three sizes: Rush 12, Rush 24, and Rush 72.

What’s the difference between the three bags?

The main difference between the 5.11 Rush bags is size, with Rush 12 the smallest and Rush 72 the biggest. The inclusion of more features is another difference, as the Rush 72 tactical bag has the most advanced features. These include integrated drainage and a handle.

If you still need some clarification, don’t worry. In this guide, we’ll explain the differences between all three bags in the 5.11 Tactical Rush series. We’ll also talk about how to choose the right Rush bag for you, so keep reading! 

Table of Contents:

1. What’s the Difference Between 5.11 Rush 12, 5.11 Rush 24, and 5.11 Rush 72 Backpacks?
2. How to Choose the Right 5.11 Rush Bag for You

What’s the Difference Between 5.11 Rush 12, 5.11 Rush 24, and 5.11 Rush 72 Backpacks?

As we touched on in the intro, the differences between 5.11 Rush 12, 24, and 72 bags is size and features. The bags are also intended for various consecutive periods of use.

Let’s touch on what’s included with all three 5.11 Rush bags now. 

5.11 Rush 12 Features

The bag that started it is the 5.11 Rush 12. This tactical bag is intended for up to 12 hours of rucking or adventuring at once, hence the name. It’s among the smallest 5.11 bags too, capable of storing up to 24 liters of your everyday essentials.

Water-resistant, the bag includes such features as YKK self-repairing zippers, dual external compression straps, flag patches, and a hook and loop nameplate.

The Rush 12 backpack also has a handy multi-slot internal admin compartment, a yoke shoulder strap system with contouring, pull tabs, and even an eyewear pocket with a fleece liner.

The bag also uses MOLLE fabric. The modular lightweight load-carrying equipment or MOLLE material includes durable nylon known as the pouch attachment ladder system or PALS.

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5.11 Rush 24 Features

Following the smash success that was the 5.11 Rush 12, the manufacturer later released the 5.11 Rush 24. This bag boasted far more storage space, 37 liters versus 24. 

Since it wasn’t broke, 5.11 decided not to fix it with the next iteration of the Rush bag. That’s why the Rush 24 shares some of the same features as the Rush 12. These include the following:

The Rush 24 also has features not available in the Rush 12. A hydration pocket makes it easy to keep your water close, as does a zippered water bottle pocket on the side of the bag. Dual drainage grommets were introduced, and so was an adjustable sternum strap. 

The number of admin compartments was upgraded to three, and now they feature mesh. Also included were zipping side compartments on either side and a grab-and-go handle with reinforcements for quick and easy transport.

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5.11 Rush 72 Features

That brings us to the coup de grace of 5.11 Rush bags, at least as of this writing, the 5.11 Rush 72. If the Rush 12 is for 12-hour trips and the Rush 24 is for 24-hour trips, then the Rush 72 can support your rucking or adventuring for a whopping 72 hours.

The bag weighs a little over five pounds, but considering its storage capacity is 55 liters, it makes sense why the Rush 72 is heavier. This bag also has the most features of any 5.11 Rush bag to date. 

The 1050-denier nylon base is water-repellent and tested for strength and durability. The main and front compartments have two sets of zippers for security. 

You still have the integrated drainage grommet, the fleece glasses pocket, and the YKK self-healing zippers, but now they’re reinforced for ruggedness. The contoured yoke system is upgraded as well with the inclusion of grab-and-go handles. 

On the shoulders, the dual-density closed-cell foam straps are completely adjustable. You can also set the waist strap, pulling on the compression straps or cinching it close to your midsection.

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How to Choose the Right 5.11 Rush Bag for You

You know you want to own a 5.11 Rush bag, but the issue is, which one? Read this section to help you decide.

For Lightweight Traveling, Choose the Rush 12

Tipping the scales at about five pounds, the Rush 72 is heavy.

This might not matter so much if you’re rucking, as you’re up for the challenge, but for hikers and other outdoor enthusiasts, carrying that much weight on their backs can make them feel unbalanced. The lighter Rush 12 is a better bet.

Do keep in mind though that the Rush 12 is intended for short-term travel only. If you’re doing more than a day trip, you need a bigger bag. We’d suggest the Rush 24 in this case.

For Moderate Storage, Choose the Rush 24

We also recommend the Rush 24 if you need more storage than what’s afforded to you in the Rush 12 but maybe not quite as much as what’s included in the Rush 72. You still get plenty of great storage features in the Rush 24!

For a Big Budget & Storage, Choose the Rush 72

If you don’t mind spending nearly $200 on a tactical backpack, then the Rush 72 should be your bag of choice. We’d also suggest this one for those who must have it all or need it all in terms of storage.

The Rush 72 has the most compartments and pockets of all the 5.11 Rush series bags, not to mention the greatest storage capacity.

It will get you through three days of camping or adventuring, but we must again remind you that it’s a heavy bag.

Final Thoughts

5.11 Tactical produces three bags in its Rush series: the 12, 24, and 72. Each is designed for that many hours of usage at a time, and thus each subsequent bag in the series features more storage capacity and better features than the last.

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