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The Danner Tachyon 8 Inch Coyote Boots are hands down one of the most popular rucking boots out there, and for good reason. We had to review these boots since they’re a popular option among ruckers. The intended use of these boots is where things get interesting. Climate is a big differentiator here!

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Breathability Not Fully Military Approved
Durability Not Waterproof
Rubber Outsole


This is what we feel is one of their main selling points. The Tachyon is heavily focused on making these boots breathable. They do this by including two important features: circular side outlets as well as the Open Cell Polyurethane footbed.

Whether you are wearing these boots for your ruck or just for work, your feet will be enclosed and covered for hours at a time and will warm up and sweat. This may lead to blisters and extreme discomfort, especially if paired with thick non-breathable socks. The side circular outlets are purposefully designed to direct hot air and sweat away from your feet.

Circular outlets on the side of the Danner Tachyon Boots.
Photo Credit to Danner: https://global.danner.com/tachyon-8-coyote.html

The second feature is the open cell Polyurethane footbed. What is that and why should you care? Shoes and boots’ footbeds are typically made from either a closed cell foam or open cell foam.

Closed Cell Foam: Closed cell foams consist of complete bubbles of air. The structure of footbeds made from closed cell foam forces the footbed to spring back into its original position. However with time, the foam loses air and does not return to its original structure.

Think of it as a tennis ball, once it hits the floor (and has absorbed resistance) it springs back up into its original shape instantly. Tennis balls eventually lose air and become less resistant to abrasion. This is also applicable with boots. With time,  the footbed can become less comfortable and less resistant to pressure when walking.

Open Cell Foam: Boots with open cell foams are connected by portals which allows air to flow between them. Due to the ease of movement of air, this foam material springs back to its original shape after exposure to resistance due to the air moving freely through the cells.

This material is not dependent on air bubbles. Instead, it is dependent on its cell walls. Footbeds made from open cell foam act as a spring and relies on the movement of air to spring back into its original shape. This helps with breathability, directs moisture (and heat) away from your foot, and maintains the structure of your boot.

illustration of the Danner tachyons boots' Footbed
Photo Credit to Danner: https://global.danner.com/tachyon-8-coyote.html


The Tachyon is made from 100% leather textile material. What does that mean? Without getting into the nitty gritty, this makes sure that the boot is flexible yet strong. This is an important feature because when we’re out rucking in different terrains, we do need mobility to jump, hop, walk, or even run when we have to. They are made from leather, which makes the material strong and durable.


According to their site, these boots weigh in at a very low 3.2lbs (per pair).

Rubber Outsole

This is an obvious one, when have you ever seen boots with a outsole not made from rubber?Nevertheless, its an essential component when buying boots for rucking or for work that requires heavy duty. Rubber outsoles helps with slip resistance, gaining traction, and abrasion resistance.

The outsole on the Danner Tachyon has a relatively flat sole, which is very appropriate and great for surfaces such as sand or tile. But we would not recommend these boots if you intend on wearing them in the snow or in colder climates.

Danner Tachyon Boots' Rubber Outsole
The rubber outsole of the Danner Tachyon Boots Photo Credit to Danner: https://global.danner.com/tachyon-8-coyote.html

Not Fully Military Approved

Such a shame that these boots are not fully military approved. According to their site, it meets the AR-670-1 requirements, but only for optional wear. While this may not be a loss for occasional ruckers or heavy duty workers, it sure is for some military folks.

Not Waterproof

While these boots definitely would have been 10 times more appealing had it been waterproof, it sort of makes sense as to why it isn’t. Breathability is a major component here, its clear that the designers had a certain demographic in mind. A rucker or military personnel that work in very hot environments. While looking at customer reviews on Amazon and on their site, lots of people mentioned that they lived and/or worked in hot climates, so the Danner tachyon worked great for them.

They can’t please everyone, but we do respect that they’re hyper focused.

Final Thoughts

In spite of the cons, would we still recommend these boots? Yes! We do praise waterproof boots constantly here on RuckForMiles, however it is clear that Danner is focused on Design, breathability, and functionality. They’re laser focused on specific features, and they do it well.

At the end of the day, when deciding which boots you want to buy, be sure to consider what qualities YOU’RE looking for and go for it. These boots rae tailored to you if:

  • Flexible Boots are an important feature for you
  • Work or ruck in Hot environments
  • 8 inch boots for foot protection
  • Waterproof boots is not of utmost importance
  • Comfort & durability (Open Cell Polyurethane footbed)
  • Need boots that live long

For a more visual review, check out Firearms of America’s review.

Photo Credit to Firearms of America: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0VX2UeOtam8

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