Best Underwear For Rucking

The best underwear for rucking are:

1. ExOfficio Men’s Boxers
2. MERIWOOL Mens Boxer Briefs

When looking for the best underwear to ruck in, comfort and breathability is key. Heat builds up everywhere when you ruck and and wearing the wrong underwear is a hellish experience.

So how do you determine what the best underwear to wear when rucking is? Here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing the right underwear.

What To Consider When Buying Rucking Underwear

The idea is to find underwear that does not chafe in the thighs, and the following factors will further help you make the right choice.

1- Fabric should be synthetic, wool, or cotton

  • The synthetic material that some companies use ensure that the underwear wicks moisture, prevents odor, and helps to retain its shape.
  • Wool helps keep things down there itch free. It also helps make the underwear breathable and resistant to odor-causing bacteria. Merino wool underwear is your best choice (for cold and hot climates)
  • Cotton is known to be a great fabric choice for underwear because it’s highly breathable and absorbent which can help prevent yeast infections (source)

2- Rucking Underwear Should Fit Right

A loose one will cause chafing due to the friction between the excess fabric and your skin. Furthermore, the discomfort you will feel as the undercarriage continues to move (especially if you run during your ruck or workout in the middle of your ruck session as many ruck events end up doing)

A super tight one will cause discomfort. A study in 2018 by the journal of human reproduction found that men who wear tight underwear had a lower sperm count (source).

Your goal should be to wear an underwear that properly fits and still provides the support you need.

3- Odor Resistant

Sweating is inevitable when rucking. Odor-resistant underwears are built to resist to eradicate the breeding of bacteria.

Here are our picks for the best underwears for rucking.

1- ExOfficio Men’s Boxers

The right underwear for rucking should ensure comfort and support. A wise choice would be the ExOfficio-Give-N-Go-Boxers. The main features that stood out to us are:

  • Breathability: Its ability to wick moisture ensures that you remain comfortable and fresh regardless of the weather conditions.
  • It dries fast: the underwear fabric is light and airy. You can also wear them a few hours after washing making it convenient to reuse.
  • Odor Resistant: It has anti-microbial properties that help to reduce odor and keep you smelling fresh for longer.
  • Elastic Band: It has an elastic waistband that allows for easy adjustment if need be. Even more, this ability to stretch keeps the underwear durable.

Check it out on Amazon (link to Amazon)

2- MERIWOOL Mens Boxer Briefs

We constant preach for merino wool clothing on RUCKFORMILES, especially when looking for the best socks for rucking. This is because merino wool is a reactive material. This means that during the summer, it keeps you cool. This happens because it moves the sweat away from the skin quickly. During the winter, it keeps you warm. This is because the fibers bend which traps air and insulates you.

Here are the main Features that stood out to us:

  • Breathability: Made from merino wool
  • Odor-Resistant: Merino wool naturally keeps the sweat away from your skin and keeps you comfortable
  • Quick Drying: It includes a loop to use if you need to dry them after a quick wash. Useful if you’re in the outdoors.

Check it out on Amazon (link to Amazon)

Other Measures to Prevent Chafing

1- Use Anti-Chafing Balm

Lubricate body areas that are hot zones for chafing (and more likely to build up heat and sweat) such as the thighs to prevent friction and to prevent it worsening with the build up of heat.

Anti-chafing balm helps prevent or reduce friction and irritation when you ruck as the substance is made to act as a protective barrier around the affected skin.

The Body Glide original anti-chafe balm –is popularly termed as the “thigh rescue” by users who swear by its effectiveness. This balm is highly affordable and comes in a container that prevents melting when you partake in outdoor activities on a hot day.

Check out the Body Glide on Amazon (link to Amazon).

Another option is The DZNuts chamois cream that has anti-bacterial properties- It is highly rated for the excellent formula, which contains anti-bacterial anti-inflammatory properties that promote healing and soothes the inflamed area while preventing a chance of infection. It also eliminates chafing by reducing friction thanks to its slip.

Check it out on Amazon (link to Amazon)

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