Altama Vengeance SR 8 Side Zip Review

Altama Vengeance SR 8 Side Zip


Moisture Wicking Lining


EVA Midsole




Travel Friendly


Side Zip


If you are looking for quality boots to slip on during your rucking adventures to make you confident and comfortable, then the Altama Vengeance SR 8 Side Zip Boots are your best bet.

Moisture-Wicking Lining

While navigating through different landscapes, encountering moisture or water is often inevitable, whether in the form of mud, puddles, or even sweat. Having a ruck boot such as the Altama Vengeance SR 8 Boots helps in such situations.

The Altama Vengeance SR 8 has a moisture-wicking lining which is essentially a two-function fabric. One of these unique lining’s jobs is the rapid movement of sweat to the fabric or the shoe’s outer layers.

The second one is that it dries the sweat quickly, which helps prevent the saturation of the boots by moisture. This results in regulating the foot and shoe (inner) temperatures, a non-sticky foot, and overall comfort.

This feature eliminates a significant worry that comes with the selection of great rucking and duty shoes. Keeping your feet dry is key to preventing common rucking injuries and prevent ruck march blisters.

Learn more about how to toughen your feet for ruck marching.

Eva Midsole

The Altama Vengeance boot mid-soles (the layer between the outer and the outsole) are made of a top innovative material known as the EVA (Ethyl Vinyl Acetate) Midsoles.

This foam-like material gives an excellent cushioning effect on the legs while providing proper stability and good weight dispersal. The Eva Midsoles was made so that it you don not feel the effects of stepping or kicking against sharp and hard objects during rucking escapades. EVA midsoles are focused on absorbing shock from regular walking and rucking.

Lightweight and flexibility also make the list of two of the lovable features of these top midsoles.

Each step in this midsole makes rucking easier and more comfortable.


Lightweight is often a significant feature of boots that matters to the public, and the Altama Vengeance SR 8 designers gave their best shots in this aspect.

These shoes weigh 23 oz which is equivalent to 652 grams. That is really light for a pair of tactical boots.

The Eva Midsoles, play a large part of reducing the weight and making these boots lightweight.

For duty that involves speed and rapid readiness, the Altama Vengeance SR 8 is sure to give you the needed boost and versatility.

Airport Friendly Nylon Shank

A significant element that adds to the excellent grip, stiffness, and great-contour shape of the Altama Vengeance SR 8 is its Nylon Shanks.

Shanks are those small bars (mostly metals) inserted into the soles (center) of shoes that add many great features to the shoes.

The Altama Vengeance boots come with the nylon variant, which functions better than the metal ones during rucking and hiking.

The nylon shanks are generally warm and soft yet give fantastic foot support. Owing to their nature, they are also very lightweight (adding to the overall light feature of the boots) and flexible, aiding movement in different terrains.

Stability is another valuable function that comes with the nylon shanks as they make your foot balanced in the most fragile of landscapes.

As in the name, these shanks have no issues when travelling by air as they are invisible to airport metal detectors.

Side Zip

This one speaks for itself but the side zip on the Altama Vengeance SR 8 boots make it very easy to put on and take off these boots.

This comes in handy if you’re in the middle of your ruck and need to quickly dry your feet and attend to them.

Final Thoughts

The Altama Vengeance SR 8 is top-quality made for rucking and a lot of different outdoor activities. These boots come with important features such as being lightweight, including a airport nylon shank, and EVA midsole which are much needed in outdoor sports, ruck marching, and general rucking.

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