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Altama, a leading manufacturer of shoe Mil-spec (military specification) shoes, is here with one of the best tactical boots out there. The Altama Aboottabad Trail is a remarkable work of innovation.

For Trail-runners, Combatants, and Ruckers, this boot is your super foot companion.


With comfort comes good energy, and with good energy comes excellent performance.

The Altama Aboottabad, with its brilliantly designed multiple sole layers, was built to bring the best of comfort to the feet. Altama Aboottabad boots come with quality dual density Eva Midsoles.

The Eva midsoles, a foam-like material, were built to offer excellent cushioning and rebound to the feet when in use. The excellent stability and proper weight distribution of these midsoles add lightness to the Altama Abottabad.

Boot and foot flexibility is another significant feature that these midsoles offer, making movements generally more comfortable and versatile.

A Rock’ n Roll Plate is also embedded on the bottom side of this boot.

These hard plastic inserts protect against bruises caused by steps and kicks against rocks, roots, and other harmful land elements.

An additional layer of EVA is added to the Strobel insole board for cushioning.


Ventilation is vital for a boot built for different landscapes and terrain such as the Altama Abbottabad.

The upper of this boot was constructed for maximum breathability.

Altama used a super microfiber PU and breathable nylon mesh to produce a superior, cutting-edge airflow.

Sweat, moisture, sticky feet are all prevented with this boot as there’s adequate ventilation through its layers, inner, and fabric.

Blisters, another inconvenient physiological development of the foot, are prevented, creating a healthier foot environment.

Learn more about preventing ruck march blisters.


Though rugged, a tactical shoe should also be lightweight, and the Altama Aboothabad certainly does not fall short of expectations.

This is because it is expected that someone wearing tactical boots will require agility, speed, and durability in a pair of boots.

Although there is no specific feature that deserves the credit for this boot’s lightweight attribute, its different tactical and technological innovations are somewhat involved.

One of such is its Eva midsoles which come with a superb weight distribution function.


Rugged, the Altama Aboottabad comes with many features that make it a tactical trail-running boot.

The Altama’s legendary Panama Sole technology is a laudable tactical innovation. This technology uses SOFROC rubber which makes roping easier and faster by making precise wraps on arches.

This boot also helps make a powerful and significant entrance when needed with its molded external rubber toe. If a door is to be kicked open, this tactical feature provides support and protection to the foot.

Incorporated into this boot is an Injection molded TPU Heel counter support clip that adds support and gives excellent tactical duties stability.

Also, an Alta-lite blown PU insole comes with the Altama Abbottabad. This gives fantastic cushioning and support.

Finally, this shoe has a Nylon Loop lacing system which promotes swift adjustments when needed. This system also helps to slip on this shoe fast.

This shoe certainly scores high for a tactical shoe.

Final Thoughts

Do we recommend this? yes, however if we were to point out one area of improvement it would be for Altama to focus on waterproofing these boots. The infiltration of water during a ruck or any other outdoor makes the experience much more uncomfortable.

With all that said, this shoe gives good resilience even in the toughest of terrains. It uses different technologies to ensure durability, flexibility, breathability, and comfort.

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