5.11 amp 72 vs Rush 72 Backpacks

When shopping for rucking and military backpacks, 5.11 is a reliable brand. You’re torn between two 5.11 backpacks, the Amp 72, and the Rush 72. What are the differences between these backpacks?

The 5.11 Amp 72 and Rush 72 are different in areas of capacity and number of compartments, but the bags share enough similarities when it comes to storage and comfort features that you can choose either one!

Ahead, we’ll look at both the 5.11 Amp 72 and the Rush 72 backpacks and compare and contrast them. By the time you’re done reading, you’ll know which pack is right for you!

Differences in Storage and Comfort

Storage is a must in a rucking or military backpack, especially when you could be relying on what’s in your pack for days at a time.

The 5.11 Amp 72 has an overall capacity of 2,240 cubic inches.

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The bag can store a 15-inch laptop. It features a main compartment with a full clamshell opening and comes complete with Quad-Zip zippers.

You can also easily access the secondary compartment, which features a media pocket, as well as an eyewear pocket, finished with a fleece liner.

The 5.11 Rush 72 has a total capacity of 3,342 cubic inches, which makes it the winner in the storage compartment.

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The Rush 72 features a main compartment that’s 23 inches by 13.5 inches by 8.5 inches. You’ll also find a hydration pocket that’s 21 inches by 13.5 inches and a front admin pocket measuring 15.5 inches by 11.5 inches by two inches.

As for comfort, the AMP 72 backpack is designed with a removable HEXGRID load-bearing platform, which is a multi-angle, patent-pending system for your comfort.

The back panel is thermoformed, and the yoke shoulder strap system features contouring. Plus, the side compression straps are designed for wearability.

The Rush 72 has external compression straps as well as a sternum strap that you can adjust to your height. The yoke shoulder strap system returns in this 5.11 backpack.

That said, the Rush 72 doesn’t have as many comfort features as the Amp 72.

Differences in Compartments

5.11 AMP 72

The number of compartments featured in the Rush 72 is crazy. Between all the outer and inner compartments, you have 30 in all.

That’s in addition to:

  • a concealed carry weapon compartment
  • sizable sunglasses compartment
  • padded laptop compartment
  • hydration compartment
  • the main large storage area

The Amp 72 has dual compartments with a zipper, webbing loops (intended for gear set placements), and a full loop platform. There’s also the aforementioned secondary compartment.

Between the two 5.11 backpacks, the Rush 72 is the clear winner in this category.

Differences in Durability and Dimensions

Let’s compare the dimensions of these two backpacks first. The Amp 72 packs main compartment measures 11 inches wide, 24 inches in height, and 9 inches deep.

The Rush 72 is 8.5 inches wide, 13.5 inches long, and 23 inches tall, so it’s the more spacious backpack.

As for durability, 5.11 says that the Rush 72 is designed for “long-range deployments” and “staying a few days in the great outdoors.” The bag is made of 1,050-denier nylon with YKK self-repairing zippers and water resistance.

The Amp 72 is made of 1,000-denier cordura nylon, but the bag features a 2x PU enhanced coating. That’s to make up for the fact that the exterior of this 5.11 backpack is only water-repellent and not water-resistant.

As you’ll recall, the Amp 72 also has the HEXGRID weather-resistant system with 1,000-denier Cordura nylon.

Both bags excel in different areas in the durability department!

Similarities Between the 5.11 Amp 72 and Rush 72 Backpacks

As you may have begun to realize, the 5.11 Amp 72 and Rush 72 have a lot in common. Let’s investigate some of the similarities now.

1. High-Quality Construction

These outstanding 5.11 backpacks both feature 1,000+ denier count nylon and YKK zippers, making them the ultimate choice for short-term and long-term excursions alike.

2. Specialty Carrying Sleeves

If you want to carry a pair of sunglasses or a laptop and have them remain undamaged during rucks or military excursions, both the Amp 72 and the Rush 72 have proper specialty pockets for keeping your accessories intact.

If you’re in the military and looking for a backpack, check out our comprehensive guide on ar670-1 backpack regulations.

3. Wide Main Compartments

What is a backpack without sizable compartments for carrying all your essentials? The 5.11 brand knows that exceptionally well, which is why the Rush 72, as well as the Amp 72, have generously-sized main compartments.

4. Comfort Shoulder Straps

Another recurring feature of both bags is the comfort yoke shoulder straps with quick-release mechanisms. You can use either backpack for hours without worrying about the straps digging into your shoulders!

The Amp 72 and Rush 72 are two of the most renowned backpacks by manufacturer 5.11. Although they differ slightly in several areas, there exist enough similarities between the two bags that you can’t choose wrong!

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